3000 Grit Single Sided Whetstone H1018

3000 Grit Single Sided Whetstone H1018

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Product: Single Sided Whetstone


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Single Sided Whetstone H1018

Stone Measure: 180*60*15mm.

Grit: 3000Grit

Material: Black Carborundum(Black Silicon Carbide)

The stone is a whetstone made with black carborundum(black silicon carbide). This abrasive leaves a fine edge on knives and tools. The size is a great for sharpening almost any tool or knife. These stones are a great value choice for just about any sharpening project.

Select from Fine, Medium, and Coarse stones.

Coarse Stones:100,400 grit

Medium Stones:1000,2000 grit

Fine Stone:3000,5000,8000 grit

This stone comes mounted on a soft silica gel base that features a built-in stone storage area in the bottom for the Stone. These whetstones are available in100,400,1000,2000,3000,5000,8000grit. A colour box packing is included with each stone.

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