400/1000 Grit Double Sided Combination Whetstone H1007

400/1000 Grit Double Sided Combination Whetstone H1007

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Double Sided Combination Whetstones

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Double Sided Combination Whetstones H1007

Stones Measure: 180*60*27mm.

Grit: 400/1000 Grit

Material: White corundum(Aluminum Oxide)

The Combination Whetstones offers two grit sizes per stone for a more economical choice in waterstones. With the purchase of just two stones you can have a 400 grit stone all the way up to the extremely fine1000 grit stone. The stones are large enough for just about any knives and tools. This stone comes mounted on a soft silica gel base that features a built-in stone storage area in the bottom for the Stone. These whetstones are available in 120/240, 120/320,240/800, 400/1000, 600/1000,600/2000,1000/3000,2000/5000,and 3000/8000 grit. A colour box packing is included with each stone.


●400 grit for coarse sharpening and polish

●1000 grit for fine sharpening and final polish

●Non-slip cilica gel base to ensure the safety


Submerge the whetstone in water for approximately 5 minutes; then remove it from the water and place it on the support. This operation must always be repeated whenever the whetstone has not been used for a period exceeding two days. Place the unit on a flat surface that does not move during use. Always keep the surface of the whetstone wet while sharpening. Choose one of the available grains, depending on the condition of the edge.
Coarse Grain : Initial cutting edge sharpener aimed at knife edges that are very worn or damaged.
Fine Grain :Finishing sharpener aimed at the removal of burrs so as to make the cutting edge smoother.
Position the knife edge over the whetstone, maintaining an angle of 15-30° between the blade and the whetstone’s surface .Move the blade forward diagonally across the whetstone’s surface and, on the return movement, turn the blade to sharpen the opposite edge. To provide more stability and precision during the sharpening procedure, gently press the face of the knife with the fingers of your free hand. In general, always begin sharpening using the coarse grain,followed by the finishing process using the fine grain, taking care to invert the position of the sharpener on the support.After using, please clean the surface of the whetstone with a soft brush and leave it to dry in a well ventilated area. To clean the knife, use a soft sponge, water and gentle or neutral detergent after sharpening. Dry carefully.

Do not use the whetstone to sharpen serrated blades or scissors. To avoid knife damage, sharpen it by employing light pressure. Use the entire surface of the stone, so as to maintain evenness during sharpening. Avoid letting the whetstone fall and try to prevent other similar impacts.Being associated to the use of knives, keep the whetstone out of the reach of children

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